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Reborn Info, Care and Tips

Each baby has been painted using Genesis Heat Set Paints which will not rub off or fade then finished with various Genesis varnishes. I have used my own techniques, working in ultra fine layers to create a beautiful translucent coloring with subtle mottling and veining. Every single part of this baby has been given fine attention to detail; nothing has been overlooked, right down to the markings on her head beneath their beautiful hair. 


Their hair is rooted with Mohair purchased from Silk Effex or HP Babylocks Hair so it the best quality mohair available. It is so fine and silky just like a newborn's hair. Occasionally I will use another supplier which I will state in the listing.

 This is a very lengthy process, taking many, many hours of work but it is well worth the effort and hard work. Their eyelashes are rooted delicately with matching mohair. 


Each baby is realistically weighted using ultrafine glass granules, tiny pellets and top quality fiber.They are safe to travel worldwide. Their head is weighted with steel metal balls and fiber giving them the lovely, but subtle, 'flop factor' that small babies do have and this will need supporting. Please note full body vinyl babies will not be soft and cuddly or have the "flop factor".They feel so incredibly real snuggled in your arms.... a truly realistic weight! Each has a superior doe suede body with cable ties and/or regular ties made especially for them. 


None of my photographs have been enhanced in any way.  I am not a professional photographer. Some photographs may appear dull due to the overcast weather. Other items shown in photographs not listed below are props or clothing, etc. which are not included.​


If they have magnets fitted so care must be taken around electrical equipment and anyone who has a pace maker fitted. 




If cared for properly, they should be enjoyed for many years to come. Please remember that a reborn is a collector’s item and therefore not suitable for children under the age of 12. Any form of handling / hair styling should be kept to an absolute minimum to maintain her original condition. 


                                                                                Reborn Care

If the cloth body becomes soiled somehow the only safe way to clean it is with baby wipes. If body is removed for professional cleaning be sure to empty it of weighting pellets and fiber fill before wetting it. There is also a scent pack that will need to be removed. Pay careful attention to the placing of the fillings to be sure and replace them the same way for baby to feel real still when reassembled. 

Weighting glass beads

Arms and legs are filled with very fine glass beads. If by some freak accident the baby is severely damaged the glass beads can produce a glass dust that can become airborne. Do NOT breathe it glass in your lungs is bad. The legs are sealed with fiberfill, sealant glue, and plugs I just want you to be sure to take precautions in case of terrible injury to baby. Just vacuum it up. It is too fine to cut you but should not be inhaled.

Babies Vinyl
The vinyl should only ever be cleaned with mild soap and water on a cloth. Using detergents could risk damaging the paint on the surface of the baby.

The magnets used in the baby’s head and pacifier are very strong and should be kept away from electronics and pacemakers.

Public travel with baby
There have been cases of police breaking car windows thinking baby was left in car. They can also suffer severely from overheating if left in the car for extended periods of time. So if you briefly leave baby in car cover it up. Don't leave baby in the hot car. When or if you do travel I advise using a car seat to avoid unneeded stops on long trips. I have heard some crazy stories.

The baby’s head is weighted and must be supported just like a real newborn. Failure to support head can cause stress on the neck vinyl resulting in tearing or cracking and even possibly falling off of the head.Normal light play and handling will not harm the baby but it should be treated as if it were real. Improper handling will harm it just as it would harm a real baby.

Hair if Rooted

If your baby’s hair becomes tangled or matted use a baby brush with soft bristles or a baby comb to remove tangles. Never comb dry hair.Always use a mohair conditioner or spray in leave in conditioning detangler when brushing or combing the hair and be very gentle. At least once a month the hair should be treated with the detangler or mohair oil to keep it from getting dry and frizzy. Water can be applied to the hair with washcloth or hand to wet it for styling or light cleaning. I prefer lightly misting the mohair with water to style.

If hair becomes soiled baby shampoo can be used to wash it but be careful not to saturate the head or eye area to prevent any water from becoming trapped in small spaces and causing mold.Some hair loss is normal but these are collectible dolls and should be treated accordingly to prevent major hair loss resulting in the need to have head re-rooted.

On my youtube channel I have a few videos on styling the baby hair.  @realorreborn2417

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