Journey is a beautiful 3/4 torso vinyl little prince. He is 19" inches in length with bent legs. He weighs approximately 5 pounds 5 ounces. He wears Newborn size clothing.


This one is not anatomically correct so it can be a little boy or girl.


You can choose the hair color as he or she is to be made. I have blonde, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and black. 


He has a detachable umbilical cord which does have a magnet. He also takes a modified preemie pacifier which is included. If you would like to have a magnet for a pacifier in addition to the modified ones let me know and I will put one in:)


Your reborn will come home with 3 piece outfit, Christmas outfit, modified pacifier, and COA. 




Every single part of this baby has been given fine attention to detail; nothing has been overlooked, right down to the markings on their head beneath her beautiful. Her hair has been micro-rooted blonde mohair. This is a very lengthy process, taking many, many hours of work but it is well worth the effort and hard work.



JOURNEY by Laura Lee Eagles with COA TO BE MADE