Delilah by Nikki Johnston Reborn Baby Doll. This beautiful little boy or girl wears Preemie  size clothing. She has full arms and full legs. She comes with a belly plate that was included with the kit. I feel it is a little small for the body but it still has the same benefit.


She weighs 4 pounds 13 ounces and is 18" in length with bent legs. You can have it dressed in either boy or girl clothing...


She has an additional magnet in her head for the hairbow. She also has a slight baby scratch on her cheek and barely there milk bumps on her nose.



Your reborn will come home with a onesie and an outfit, magnetic pacifier, hair bow, COA and a few extra goodies. She comes with the  belly plate that is apart of the original kit. If you do not specify at checkout a girl will be sent. 




She has been painted using Genesis Heat Set Paints which will not rub off or fade then finished with a subtle layer of various Genesis varnishes. I have used my own techniques, working in ultra fine layers to create a beautiful translucent coloring with subtle mottling and veining. 



Every single part of this baby has been given fine attention to detail; nothing has been overlooked, right down to the markings on their head. She has micro-rooted dark brown mohair. The mohair dark brown Sarah Silk quality mohair. Her eyelashes are rooted with matching mohair.Her eyelashes have been rooted with matching medium to dark brown mohair.


She is realistically weighted using ultrafine glass granules, tiny pellets and top quality fiber. They are safe to travel worldwide. 


Her head is weighted with glass granules and fiber giving them the lovely, but subtle, 'flop factor' that small babies do have and this will need supporting. 


They feel so incredibly real snuggled in your arms.... a truly realistic weight! 


She has a superior doe suede body with cable ties made especially for her. 


None of my photographs have been enhanced in any way. Some photographs may appear dull due to the overcast weather. I take my own pictures therefore they are not taken by a professional photographer. Other items shown in photographs not listed below are props or clothing, etc. which are not included.





Shipping is a little higher since it is being shipped USPS Priority Mail. Signature delivery is also required for all reborns.


She has been handcrafted one of a kind I do not accept returns, cancellations or exchanges.

Delilah by Nikki Johnston Reborn Baby Doll Ready to Ship!

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